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  Capital Meats Featured on TV3 in Winchester, VA

Capital Meats and Maryland District Manager Liam Tunney were featured on TV3 in Winchester, VA. Below is the transcript of that interview by Steven Glazier.





Capital Meats began distribution in Winchester 12 years ago.

Putting the country of origin on their beef, pork, and chicken products will be a new task.

District Sales Manager Liam Tunney says the labels give people an idea of what they are purchasing and ultimately consuming.

"This is food," exclaims Tunney. "This is something that people actually put into their body and wouldn't you like to know where that meat came from," asks Tunney.
"On every box from Capital Meats they already provide a label containing even the USDA stamp of inspection. So for a company that already has the label it is not too much extra to produce the country of origin.

Tunney believes some faith has been lost in the meat industry and the country of origin labels could restore that faith.

"You have a lot of these big companies in the meat industry and they are looking at one thing....they are looking at dollars," explains Tunney. "They are not looking at quality and they are not looking at safety of the consumer. What this is going to do, and we stand behind it 100 percent, is allow us and people to regain that faith in the meat industry. It is going to force meat industries to stop looking at just the dollar and they are going to focus on the product quality again," adds Tunney.

Even though Tunney doesn't think the labels are enough and stricter laws need to be enforced, the new COOL requirement will ultimately help the food industry.
"By giving somebody the right product and the safe product, it is going to increase business nationwide for the meat industry," says Tunney.

For more information on handling food products and safety within it go to


Check out the video at TV3's Website.